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Promise Date/State Farm

by Jonas

My car went into the shop for repairs on 12/10. Was originally told by shop it would be done on 12/18, then he said 12/21. It's now 02/12.

My statement from State Farm has the breakdown of what was done to the vehicle, deductible, and charges insurance covered. There was also a Promise Date of 12/21.

I have had a rental car this whole time that wasn't covered by insurance(completely different issue), but I was wondering if you can hold the insurance company to the "Promise Date" because I have now spent hundreds more on a rental car.


This is interesting.

Can you legally hold them liable for the promise? There is legal doctrine, it is called Promissory Estoppel. You can Google it or you can visit:

However, they insurance company will fight you to the nail on this.

You must show that you detrimentally relied, and even if they don't want to honor this, then you might have to go to court, which would also cost you money. If the cost of going after them justify getting pay for a high rental bill, you can go after them.

Good Luck,

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