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Proper Compensation for Laptop Damage on Vehicle Accident

by Rodney
(OKC, OK, )

I have been in a no fault accident where the other driver came across traffic and struck me causing my Laptop to be thrown and broken, I provided the adjuster with the repair/ replace estimate, the adjuster states that it can be found on Craigslist or eBay for far less than what is being requested.

First question is do I have to take what they are offering and secondly if I do could I place a personal suit against the other driver for all of what his insurance is refusing to pay.


Hello Rodney,

Just like any property damage, you have to show the value of the laptop. If you let them do this for you, then they will make arguments like that. If they say that you can find something in ebay for less or craigslist, then ask to see the listings. Inspect them and see that the laptops are indeed the same as yours. If they are not, they may be consider evidence but maybe not.

If you cannot show them why they have to give you more money (remember, you are dealing with the price of a used laptop, not the a new one), they simply will not.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,
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