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Property Damage State Minimums and Fault

by K. Brooks
(Big Run, PA)

My truck was totaled by another driver my truck was legally parked unattended

the other drivers ins. Co. Told me their client only had $5000 property damage pa. Minimum after hitting my truck the driver attempted to flee the scene and put her vehicle in reverse and backed into a house the damage to my truck and the house is well in excess of $5000.

My question is would this be considered 1 accident or 2. And is there an insurance regulatory commission in pa.

That would make this decision or do I just have to take the other driver to court and get paid for my damages that way. also does the property damage portion of the insurance also include rental car costs, towing and storage of my truck,and loss of wages [I missed a days work because I had to wait till the rental co. Opened or just damage to my truck and the house. the insurance co. Tells me tis all comes out of the $5000. Thanks for any help.


Hello K. Brooks,

It all comes out of the $5,000. You are unlikely to be compensated for wage loss as this is a property damage claim. Usually, states require physical injury for you to recover wage loss.

I am not sure if this is two different accidents. It looks like it all arises out of the same accident. The impacts are very close in time so it's possible that they only consider this one accident. However, you can make the argument that this is two different accidents.

It's probably a good idea that you talk to an attorney before making any decisions on how to proceed. PA has an insurance commissioner or a department of insurance, every states does. Google it, you will find it.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,
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