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Provisional license valid until 18 years old?

by C fink

My son received his license at 16 1/2 and is perfectly aware of the 11pm curfew in Ca. However I am lost as to why he can’t drive with passengers in the car and also if the license is maintained after the one yr provisional status will he be able to stay out longer if under 18?

I am aware of medical necessity as i reside with my son and myself which i am disabled as well are both of my parents i am able to drive and do have issues with driving at night, back to the question at hand Will his license be provisional till 18?

Answer to Provisional license valid until 18 years old?

Hello C fink,

Well, we don’t know. All we know is that there are restrictions at 15 1/2 years old, not 16 1/2. Also, the restrictions are typically lifted at 16 1/2.

We guess that this is probably state regulated, so you want to call your DMV and ask all the details as to the provisions license for your state. Also, ask if there are any exceptions (like medical conditions, undue hardship, etc.).

Sorry we can’t help you with this.

Good Luck,
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