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Question about comprehensive

by Jennifer

If I was involved in a car accident due to bad road conditions ( snow and sleet) would it be covered under my comprehensive.


Probably not.

The theory is that you collided with the ground (hole, tree, rock, etc). and therefore you collision coverage will cover.

Comprehensive coverage is for acts of God that directly damage your car. If the snow melts and causes water damage, or that type of thing. Also, for collisions (the only time a collision is covered under comprehensive) with an animal, cow, deer, dog, etc.

Visit: for more information about comprehensive claims.

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Jan 24, 2009
Is rodent damage covered in comprehensive insurance?
by: John Nien

My insurance company is MID-CENTURY Insurance Company. I claimed on the insurance for rodent damage recently. They reject my claim. I found out from my internet research that this insurance has the bad history for their business practice.
See the following website:
Is rodent damage really not covered in comprehensive insurance policy?


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