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Question about the Auto Theft Process

by Alfredo
(yuma, az)

What are the steps when you deal with the insurance company for auto theft??

I walked to m adjuster yesterday and she stated my claim was being forwarded to the legal department do to discrepancies on my claim. Should I worry? Call a Lawyer? I tried to ask the adjuster what was the problem was but she only stated that that was all the information she had and that it was going to take a couple of weeks to come back...this was done in a polite but very rude way.

This has been after an investigator showed up in front of my house with the police (as my daughter starring from he window saw everything), yesterday someone was taking picks of my house, and today the neighbor came over to let us know that the investigator knocked on there door. What the hell.....i’m I beign prosecuted for filing a claim?

Any suggestions? This makes me wonder?


Hello Alfredo

I am sorry to hear about the insurance issues you are having. Insurance companies get very difficult when they think there is indicia of fraud. Now days, everything (or just about) makes them think that every claim is a potential fraudulent claim. This is especially true when there are theft and/or fire claims.

With gas prices the way they are, insurance companies see a spike on fraudulent claims. They believe that more people will try to claim their vehicles stolen and/or burned because they cannot sell the car somewhere else (they raise an eyebrow if the car is “a gas guzzler).

At any rate, the insurance company does have a right to investigate. They can ask you and your neighbor things and try to get to the bottom. However, they have to have clear evidence that you did something wrong. They cannot accuse you of something without evidence.

They can investigate all they want, and if there is nothing to hide, then there is no problem. They have up to 30 days to conduct an investigation. After that, they will have top put in writing the reasons for the delay. The fact that they are investigating does not mean your claim will not be covered.

If time goes by and there is no a conclusive decision, you can complaint with the office of the insurance commissioner to make sure your claim moves forward.

Good Luck

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