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Questions about settlement estimate

by Heidi

My husband was in a high speed car accident last month. A truck crossed in front of him on the highway causing my husband to t-bone the truck totaling his car and the truck that had crossed infront of him.

My husband suffered a sprained ankle, fractured sternum and whiplash.

He spent two days in the hospital due to the pain in his sternum.

It is unknown at this time how long it will be before he returns to his job as a police officer. His medical bills are around $4,000 and his hourly wage is $21.34/hr. The vehicle has been paid off by the insurance company.

How much should we expect for medical, lost wages, and pain and suffering?


Hello Heidi,

Your question is very hard to answer. A settlement estimate is hard to give with so little information.

There are several factors and variables that you need to take into account (like how long is he going to treat and whether any of his injuries are permanent). In addition, the loss wages might include future loss wage, so it will be very hard to determine.

In any event, you should visit:

There is detailed information of what you can do and what kind of recovery is your husband entitled to.

Good Luck,

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