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Rat infestation | Coverage for damage vehicle by rodents

by Mariana

Got my car back in the country (in USA) after 4 years in October 2012. I shipped outside the country 4 years ago.

Next day after arrival I added the car to my current car insurance that I have for my other 2 cars with the company for 3 years. Two weeks later I took the car to a dealer for an airbag light on.

Later the dealer found the rodent infestation. We got a claim number and wait.

My question is can my insurance company deny my claim if the car was outside the country and we had policy for this car with them only for about 2 weeks?

Answer to Rat infestation | Coverage for damage vehicle by rodents:

Hello Mariana,

Well, if you had comprehensive coverage, rodent damage (rat infestation) should be covered.

The other issue about having the vehicle outside the country can be an issue. Most policies have a geographical restriction. Some will say coverage in Canada and the United States. Some will say Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Some will only limit the coverage to 40 to 50 miles away from the U.S. border.

Some will cover you outside the United State if the exit was only brief and non repeated.

Your bigger issue is this: Can you prove that the vehicle happened during the time that you had coverage (during those two weeks).

Rat and rodent infestations take time to form. Depending on how bad this was (say, two rats v. fifty or sixty), the insurance company may determine that you had the infestation prior the two weeks or when you added the car to the policy. Again, even if they conclude that you have coverage, if the infestation formed outside the United States, this could also be grounds for denial of your insurance claim.

Clearly an investigation has to be done.

Good Luck,
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