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Rear Ended and Pre existing Conditions

My boyfriend and I were rear ended at a stop light, we had a few cars in front of us. I have had a medical condition (migraines)for a number of years and it was agravated beyond being bearable. It included a number of trips to the emergency room over the period of about 3 weeks following the accident.

After about the 5th visit to the ER I was admitted to the hospital on a morphine drip for a week. I lost my job and missed time from college classes I was in at the time.

I can't afford to pay for a doctor's deposition but the other side could, guess how that turned out?! I do not know where to turn to for help or to have questions answered.
The girl that hit us was on her cell phone when this occurred. Can anyone help?



We are sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like you have contacted an attorney (if there are depositions being taken, you are probably represented by a lawyer- correct?) If you are not represented by a lawyer, you need one. This matter is too complicated and there are damages for you to try to handle this without legal training. Some attorneys will advance fees (most of them do), so you can pay for depositions of experts so you can get a fair trial. Again, trying to do this yourself can be very difficult and frustrating.

If you have an attorney, that is the best person to help you. Remember that most attorneys will not charge a fee for personal injury until there is recovery, so this might be an option for you.

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