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Rear Ended by a SkyLiner Bus

by Dillard

About two weeks a ago I was rear ended by a Skyliner Tour Bus while waiting for the car in front of me to make a left turn.

The bus insurance company has assessed the damage of my car to be around 2,300.00.

In addition I have been attending Physical Therapy (Physical Therapist, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist)about four times a week.Currently, I'm having problems with my lower back and left shoulder. I have taken 4 MRI's and currently waiting for the results.

I did hire a lawyer for this case. It seems I will be attending Physical Therapy for a at least the next six months to a year. Possible Surgery might be involve for my shoulder.

What type of settlement should I be expecting for the bus company insurance. Please be advise I was involved in a car accident about 2 years ago.


Hi Dillard,

Well, this is very hard because there are soo many variables. It depends on your state, how much insurance does the bus company has, and whether or not you do or do not have surgery (and many other factors). A good rule of thumb (although in accurate at times) is to multiply your medical bills by 2 or 3 and come to a number. This might not work for you, depending on how permanent your injury will be. However, this can help you estimate a number.

Getting an attorney is key, which you have done, but your prior accident might decrease your settlement, depending on how injured you were in that accident. The best thing you can do is to make sure you follow your doctors schedule and treat your injury until you feel better.

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Good Luck,

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