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Rear passenger thrown from vehicle | Injury!

My daughter was a passenger in which the driver lost control during rain she was ejected out of the drivers side window she was a back seat passenger of a Nissan armada 2005.

She had a 10 inch gash across her hair line in the forehead she also had a broken collar bone she will have a lump and a shorter shoulder on that side the owner had no inc.

The driver only had 25000.00 in liability but I have four autos insured two full and two with liability who will pay and what amount should she ask for



This is a rather complicated question, and the answer is it depends.

Who will pay? The driver has liability and it would appear that the driver might be liable here. Thus, then driver will have to pay. If the damages are more than $25,000 (medical bills and pain and suffering), then your policy (the policy that has full coverage) can help cover some of the medical expenses. If those policies have Uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage, your daughter might have other source of recovery.

How much? I have no clue. You need to address with her. This is a type of claim that needs to be consulted with an attorney. There are too many complex issues here that need to be look at.

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