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Rearend accident and drivers with the same ins co?

I was lead driver, 2nd party behind me and 3rd party behind them. 3rd party hits 2nd party and 2nd party hits me (at a red light).

3rd party gets found at fault and receives citation. When the police report is read, 3rd driver has the same insurance I do.

How would that work, what should i do? I the driver was not injured, but wife has lumbar strain and so does my 5 yr old son. damages to my vehicle; bumper will need to be replaced.



You need to make a claim against your own policy and 3rd party policy. Two claims will be open. All injury related expenses will likely be paid out of your policy. When the claim settles, and if it settles, the 3rd party would pay back or reimburse your policy.

The injury claims would be the same as if you would be settling against another insurance company. Please see:

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