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Rearended by Drunk Driver

by Raymond A.
(Alturas Ca. usa)

On March 10, 2010 my wife was in our 2004 Pontiac Montana minivan stopped at a cross walk to allow a women pushing a baby stroller to cross the road. She was stopped for 20- 30 seconds when all of a sudden she was struck from behind by a drunk driver traveling 35-40 mph.

The lady pushing the baby stroller witnessed the incident and called the police. The officer took my wife's statement and looked the vehicle over making sure it was still drivable and allowed her to leave.

Shortly after my wife's departure she received a phone call from the assisting officer stating the individual who rearended her failed all sobriety tests and blew a .33 alcohol level so he was arrested and his vehicle impounded.

Our van cost 4,900 to repair, which the drunk drivers insurance paid because they confirmed he was at fault.

The day after the incident my wife was very sore so she went to the doctor and found that she suffers from whiplash and a possible slipped disk in her lower back due to this crash. She has been going to physical therapy ever since.

My question is, Will the drunk drivers insurance offer her a settlement other then just repair bills and medical bills?

What kind of settlement is she looking at looking at? and should she retain a lawyer?

Thank you for any help you can offer.


Hello Raymond,

Yeah, she is entitled to pain and suffering. The best person to answer how much she would be looking at would be an attorney. Please see:

Good Luck,
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Spokane Washington

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