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Recent accident damages

by Stephen

I was involved in an accident 1 month ago. The other driver was ticketed at the scene, but lied to her insurance company so I had to use my own collision coverage to repair my vehicle. I had a 2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer in great condition before the accident. My vehicle took 3+ weeks to repair, totaling around $9k in damage (body and suspension damage).

My insurance company (Geico) is going after the other drivers insurance company(State Farm) to reclaim my deductible and their costs. They tell me that they have accepted liability for the accident.

My question is this, I'm seeking Diminished value for my vehicle, loss of personal and work time, and just anything in general to cover all of the hassle this has been for me.

I am going to use a vehicle appraiser to get a report of my diminished value (i'm guessing around $5k). I basically just want to know if there is any "reasonable" amount that I should use a guideline for the amount I request for my personal/work time lost and general inconvenience this has been to me. I don't want to "get over" on anyone, I just want what I feel was taken from me. I live in the State of TN.


Hi Stephen,

You have a claim for Diminished Value for the damage to your Ford Explorer. Visit:
This type of claim is difficult to make and you have to document everything. Also, your own insurance company will not get involved on this, you have to make this claim directly against State Farm.

As far as asking for your hassle and your personal work/time, you would not have a claim. Usually, you are entitled to loss time because of an injury. If you were going to work and could not get there the day of the accident, then you can probably get paid (if you are paid hourly, or if you had to take vacation hours or personal time), that is about it.

The law restricts this type of thing severely, and it is very unfair. Dealing with an accident is very time consuming, but it would appear that you would not be compensated for any of that. The insurance company will probably argue that you did not have actual loss (meaning, you must show all your documentation that you were making money that day, but you missed out because of the accident).

You can still try to make the claim and see what comes out of it. Nothing is lost by asking. Visit for more information on what documentation you will need for this type of claim.

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