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Recent repairs calculated into car actual cash value

by Jaime
(Atlanta, GA)

I was recently in an accident in Georgia and the other party was at fault. My car is totaled.

I replaced the transmission less than 1,000 miles ago with original manufacturer parts, a $4000 job.

Is the insurance company responsible for paying me for that work?

They are claiming that they are only responsible to pay the actual cash value which is, by the way, much lower than the comps than I have pulled.

They currently claim that a new transmission will only raise the ACV a few hundred dollars.

Thank you,

Answer to: Recent repairs calculated into car actual cash value?

Hello Jaime,

The answer is that the repairs are indeed owed to you, however, not in a dollar per dollar exchange. The $4,000 repair must increase your value, but the question is how much? It really is up to negotiation skills on how you want to increase the value.

If the comps are lower, you have a stronger argument there. We recommend this book when dealing with total loss:

Also, please see our pages regarding total loss here:

Good Luck

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