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Recorded Statement Admission of Fault

by Tony

If my insurance liability adjuster have a recorded statement from the other driver who admitted to be at fault repeatedly during that recorded conversation, shouldn't AAA after receiving transcript of that recorded statement reverse their prior decision of only 50 % liable on my vehicle damaged.

Their decision was based on the statement given by their policy owner who wasn't the driver at the time accident happened.

Per the policy owner statement both vehicle were backing at the same time and collided which is not true.

your input to this will be of great help to me.


Hello Tony,

The answer is it depends. I know this sounds weird but people say things without really knowing. You can argue that someone says they are at fault when in reality they are not. Equally (and what happens more often) you can say that you are not at fault, but in reality you are.

Fault is a product of the legal concept of negligence. The adjuster must see all evidence, and in some circumstances, someone assessment of their own fault might be enough to change a negligence analysis. It should though.

Good Luck,
Recorded Statement Admission of Fault

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