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Recovered Car and SIU / Fraud Unit

by Carlos
(Redondo Beach, CA, USA)

My 1999 Range Rover 4.0 was stolen and then recovered three days later. I spoke with a rude claims adjuster and gave a recorded statement. During the statement the CA said that she had photos of my car when I first insured it with AAAA and that all the exterior damage I claimed was in the pictures already and asked me if I wanted to change my statement.

I didn't know what to do so I said that without seeing the pictures to compare with the current damage (some scratches) that I couldn't really change my statement. She also asked if I had a spare key. I was very sure that I didn't leave a spare key in the car during the time. I also stated that the car was probably locked but it sometimes doesn't because the power locks aren't 100%.

After looking in my spare key drawer I discovered that I probably did leave it in the car somewhere but I had forgotten about it. I called the manager of the CA and told her of this fact.

The spare key could only open the door and didn't start the car because it didn't have the computer chip or something like that. At that time the manager said that it was suspicious nonetheless because that spare key shouldn't have been able to start the car and only the key that I have in my possession could be the only one to start it. She then said that in a typical case that my car would have been stripped and more damaged than it was.

Also that it should not have been found so close to where it was stolen and it didn't look like a joyride to her. She then told me that she was sending it to the SIU and that that investigator would contact me in a week and have a additional questions about the car. In the meantime she made return the rental car and take my car home. She told me I could drive it.

Should I be worried? Are they going to deny the claim? If he wants me to record another statement should I decline?


Hello Carlos,

You have not to worry about unless you did something wrong. SIU is the fraud unit (Special Investigation Unit) and they will be looking for your inaccuracies and where your story does not add up. If they find that this is the case, the can deny the claim.

You can decline recorded statements, please see:

This however will raise the level of suspicion.

You should consult with an attorney if you feel like you are being set up.

Good Luck,
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