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Regarding medical bills from accident while in disability

by Rob

I was rear ended by a car in 8 months ago, although i did not have any pains then later after a month i had severe back pains and then when i had met the doctor he diagonized and said i had a disc herniation in lower back.

At that time i did not inform to the doctor that i was also involved in an accident. I thought this was from my previous injury to lower back as I had once a lumbar strain while playing.

But my lower back pain got worse only after the accident.

So i had my insurance pay my medical bills and also when i was on disability i had my benefits covered. There I had written stating this injury was not due to accident and claimed. If now i go after the auto insurance insurance claim will this become a problem as i had stated to my benefits that this injury was not due an auto accident.

I suffered for almost 6 months and looking forward to hear from you in this regard on how to proceed with the claim.



Hello Rob,

Well, it can be a problem. Both Disability and Insurance companies will be reviewing documents. The auto insurance company will not pay unless you prove (the doctors) that this is directly related to the accident, if you wrote that it is not, the might give you a hard time.

If you do prove that it was accident related, then the insurance company (the auto) will have to pay for your medical bills, which they probably will contact the state to see how much is owed, at that point, the state will realized that they paid for an car accident injury and would probably ask for the money back and cut your disability benefits.

You are in somewhat of a bad spot. The best thing for you is to talk to a lawyer. I usually think people can handle their own claims, but in your case I think you need a local lawyer to make sure you get full compensation. For more information about injury claims, visit:

Good Luck,

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