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Rental car runaway | No enough insurance, now what?

by Keith

My car was parked in front of my house. at 5 am a young kid in a rental car backed down my one way street at an outrageous rate of speed. He hit 3 cars one of which was mine.

My car received the most damage, totaled. the other two cars were operable after the accident. My car was the only car insured.

Neither the two other victims cars not the rental car was insured. The driver of the rental vehicle hopped out of the car and ran. The rental car companies insurance is telling me there is a cap in the state of pa and they can only pay out 5k to be split between all three drivers.

This can't be true. Please advise.



Most states have minimum liability coverages. If the amount of liability is under the amount of damages, you may get a pro rate portion of the compensation. This is difficult as they have to compensate all three but there is not enough money there.

You need a PA attorney to deal with this. You may not get all you need. We don't know what the PA cap is so you will have to research there.

If you have insurance, file a claim with them and have them compensate you (if you have collision or uninsured motorist damage).

Good Luck,
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