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Renting a car not in my name

I am paying on a car in my sisters name and insured under our parents insurance for three years. A person hit the car while it was parked in the parking lot and ran away. I called to make the claim and was told there was no coverage due to non payment.

Now my sister is suing me for the balance of the car loan.

I stopped making payments because the damage and no one hads out if pocket money. She is suing the guy also. Am I responsible for the balance of the car. My name is not on the insurance policy or the loan.



This question is very much outside the "insurance" world. It is not a claim, so we have no clue. You need to talk to a lawyer to see if you are contractually obligated to your sister. Maybe she is a "lien holder" so she may have rights. You need to talk to a lawyer.

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Nov 19, 2011
Mother took over pymts w/suspended license & Tottaled Car
by: Anonymous

My mother-in-law took over my pymts & purchased her own ins. She totalled the car, her fault & her ins w/pay for the car she hit but not her car because she has a suspended license in the State of Texas. I had no clue. I know I will be liable for the $16k balance but why? She has insurance. When she took over my pymts, My State Farm Made her provide a copy of her current insurance because she wanted a different insurance co. Also, what is My lender going to do to me since my mother -in-law's insurance carrier said today that they wont cover her/my car? Im afraid you will tell me to call an Attorney, but neither one of us have any money. What do I do?

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