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Right of way car accident

by Lane
(Stevens Point, WI United States)

I got in a car accident a few days ago when a car tried crossing the street in front of me and I struck them causing totaling damage to my car.

I only have liability coverage but I am sure they will be at fault when the police report comes out. The problem is that my car is sitting at the towing trucks shop and is racking up storage fees while I am waiting for the police report.

I am not sure whether I should pay for it now or keep waiting for the police report, and then will their insurance be paying for that?


Hello Lane,

You have a duty to mitigate your damages. You must move the vehicle out to a storage free facility. They could simply claim that you did not mitigate your damages and make you pay for them. Please see our article about mitigation of damages here:

Call them and tell them you have hard time mitigating damages. Better write to them so at least you have something showing that you are trying to avoid a bigger loss.

Good Luck,
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