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Same insurance co St Farm in car accident

by Jodi
(Oviedo, FL )

I was in an accident yesterday not my fault other driver was ticketed.

We both have St. Farm.

Do I need to hire an attorney? I am worried I have not heard from the insurance co.


Hello Jodi,

You do not need a lawyer simply because you have a “dual” claim (both drivers have the same carrier). Most of the time, insurance companies waive any deductible if this occur so you have not expenses out of pocket while they figure out fault, coverage, etc.

Do call them and if they give you problems, consider talking to an attorney. Do not let your claim fall through the cracks.

Good Luck,

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Dec 31, 2011
State Farm is cheating my mom
by: Anonymous

My mom was hit by a motorhome when he changed from the number one lane to the number two lane. He hit her on the back left quarter panel and spun her 180 degrees in the highway and hit the center jersey wall.

She has State Farm insurance and so does the owner of the motorhome. He has full coverage and my mom has PLPD. The CHP report said that the motorhome driver was at fault but State Farm is saying that my mom is somehow at fault and refusing to pay for my mom's claim. It appears that State Farm is trying to pay the least amount on the claim.

How can I fight an insurance company and where do I go to file a law suit against State Farm?

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