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Saw only an emergency doctor and one visit to the free clinic.

by Alaisha
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

My daughter was a passenger of a vehicle that was struck by another car in June. The insurance company recognizes that the other driver was at fault. The day of the accident my daughter was taking by ambulance to the emergency room. She was seen and did as the doctor advise. It was a soft tissue injury to the back.

About a month later my daughter is still having back pains. Because we don't have health insurance she went to the city free clinic. The doctor there advised her to put ice on her back.

The pain is currently off on and on. The total medical bills came to $6,000. I asked for 3 times this amount.

The insurance company made an offer of $7,337.00. I turned the offer down and asked why they were making such a low offer. The adjuster stated that "because my daughter only seen the doctor once".

In the same email he raised the offer to $8,000.00. I haven't respond back. Should my daughter pay out of pocket and find a doctor or is $8,000.00 a decent offer. I was hoping to get $12,000 from the claim to pay her doctor bills and so that she can have money to see a real doctor besides the free clinic. Should we settle or should we seek a doctor? should I get a lawyer?

Thank you

Answer to Saw only an emergency doctor and one visit to the free clinic:

Hello Alaisha,

The fact that your daughter saw a doctor once does not mean she does not have other issues (or that she may not required further care). The offer seems low if your daughter is not completely recovered. You really should have her seen to make sure that she is okay before you settle this.

Once you settle, you will not be able to go back and reopen the claim, so you want to make sure that you are 100% sure a settlement is proper.

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