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Settlement checks | How long do I have to wait

by Jimmy
(Kemp, Tx)

On May 30, I was hit from behind and my car was "totalled".

I had to go to the hospital-no serious injuries, but had ambulance ride and because of neck and stomach pain have to go to a chiro. twice a week ( I got a lawyer that makes a percentage of what is made in injury claim).

I was offered a settlement on the car value and my lawyer said that was separate than the injury claim, so I settled for the rather low amount (considering I just put $400 work into it). I mailed the power of attorney & info. accepting the offered amt. on vehicle June 28th and still have not received a check as of July 10. Is there a limit on the amt. of time their ins. co. has to submit my check for the car?

Also, how long am I suppose to wait to resolve my settlement regarding hospital, doctors bill's, time of wor, etc.?? Was the lawyer I found out of the Yellow Pages correct about the car claim and injury claim being filed separate?

I am 44 and have never been in an accident, so I'm not sure what the laws are. Also, their ins. co. only paid for a rental car until the settlement was made, and for over a month now I have had to rely on others for transportation to work.

Is this normal? It has been very inconvenient!?


Hello Jimmy,

The situation you described is how injury claims work. Please see our section on injury claims here.

The insurance company will divide the property damage from the injury claim. Most attorneys only deal with the injury portion and the rental and/or property damage.

There are supposed to pay you as soon as they receive the documents. Call the claims department and talk to a supervisor. Also, call the department of insurance if this does not resolve. The insurance company can issue a payment on the spot! (a field rep can give you a settlement check), so this does not have to wait long.

You do have an attorney, make sure your attorney helps you on this accident. Just because it's an "injury" case it does not mean that the collision is not related. Some lawyers will help you as a courtesy simply to get your business. Don't be afraid to talk to another attorney.

Good Luck,
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Aug 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

i am pregnant and on june 13,2010 both my husband and i have been injured in a car accident due to a drunk driver who rear ended us. The drunk driver is an american visiting toronto where the accident occured. It is now august 23,2010 and i just received one check from my insurance company for only house keeping. I never got attendant care, or loss of income and my husband also hasnt received anything. Is it normal to get separate checks for each thing and each person? and also the government is changing regulations sept 1,2010,does that mean that we will get less money starting sept 1 or do we still get the same amount since our accident occured before? we hired a lawyer but she wont answer our questions and we are worried as we havent been working and have been living off savings for the past few months.

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