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Settlement procedure

by Eugene

I have about $3K in med bills that I've already paid for and I'm still seeing a doctor and taking meds for the injury. When should I send the bills to their insurance adjuster?

Should I send them now or wait and send them with the demand letter and the rest of package that I'll send when I'm ready to settle? All info that I send them would be in a very organized package. Thanks.


Hi Eugene,

Well, usually your own insurance company deals with your medical bills and records (and payment). Sounds like you might not have insurance that covers this accident.

At any rate. If you are paying out of pocket you must keep track of everything and send the medical bills when you are ready to settle. You send them in (the medical bills and the records) with a settlement demand letter.

Note, you have a right to review your medical records and medical bills and only send the ones that help your case. i.e. A record that says that you are hurt because you were mowing will hurt your case.

Also note, that there are some states (Montana and Arizona) where you are owed advance paid for your medical bills (pay as you go type of thing). If you are not in these states, then this most likely does not apply to you.

Good Luck,

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