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Should I contact an attorney?

by Patricia
(Hodgenville, Ky )

While I was in the tanning bed 2 weeks ago, a woman backed her car into mine. I called her insurance co.

They said someone would get back to me. Someone called the next day and told me to get a couple of estimates. I did. My car is a 1997 Chevy Lumina. My estimates were $1,500.00 and $2,100.00 dollars.

I haven't heard anything else from them. I called today and they said they would try to get someone to touch base with me. Nothing yet. Where should I go from here?


Hello Patricia,

This is talking too long. You may want to get your insurance company involved. Usually they can handle the claim without too much delay. Insurance companies have a right to wait 30 days before they have to make a decision on coverage, so they might be playing that card on you.

Contact your insurance company and have them handle it. If you do not have the coverage, then contact the department of insurance of your state. This usually makes them "move."

Contacting and attorney is always advised.

Good Luck,
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