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Should I submit Claim with my insurance when I'm not at fault

by Robin

I was in a car wreck. The other party admitted liability and her insurance agreed to pay a 'total loss' amount. The insurance agent suggested I also file a claim with my company to see if the amount offered would be better. Is this normal and/or legitimate?

Also, I have received an offer. Is it safe to assume all offers are low-ball figures?

This is my first accident and I'm heading in blind.
Thanks for you help.


Hello Robin,

Well, the total loss process is indeed a “game” of offers. BTW, it’s not only legitimate to file a claim with your own insurance company, but often times required by your policy as you have a duty to report losses.

Please see:

The advice is sound. Total loss settlements can be tricky and you do want to make sure you increase your settlement substantially.

Oh, yeah, that is probably a good assumption.

Good Luck,

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