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Skateboarder collides with car | Claim issues

by Mike

I was involved in an auto accident where a 14 year old skateboarder was skateboarding against traffic and without a helmet down a one way street ..

I saw him and stopped the car but the skateboarder could not stop and went over the hood of the car and into the windshield... who pays for the bodily injury to the skateboarder?

The skateboarder for going against the flow of traffic or the driver?

Thank you for your time and assistance


Hello Mike,

Skateboarders must also follow the rules of the road. A fault analysis should be done to make sure you had no negligence on this accident. visit the link below for more information about fault

Remember that most vehicle under the PIP coverage could potentially cover the medical bills (not the pain and suffering) of a pedestrian, even if you are not at fault at all.


for more information on how pedestrians are covered under your first party coverage.

It is hard to say without all the details, but it sounds like you would not be at fault at all.

Good Luck,

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