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slid on ice in my home ( a rental)

I slid on ice in my drive which I rent. Did $8000. damage and hit my head on door, injured my arm when I fell because of addition ice on my running board on car. My wife driving. Do you get pain and suffering when its on our policy? Kansas city ,Ks.


Hello there, I am sorry to hear about your fall. You do not get pain and suffering in Kansas (or any other state) unless someone is negligent to you. If your fall occurred because someone else was supposed to shovel the snow and did not (the landlord?) or you wife hit you with the car (she drove into you), then either of them would be liable to you (entitling you to pain and suffering).

But if you simply fell on your own drive way that you had to keep free of ice but did not, then you would not be entitle to pain and suffering. Please check with a Kansas Attorney for more accurate information.

Good Luck

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