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slow lawyer | Hit and Run

by art
(northern nevada)

I was involved in an accident mid year 2008. i was rear ended while waiting for a stop light. The unlicensed, under aged son of the registered owner of the vehicle took the car for a ride. He let his friend, also an unlicensed under aged juvenile, drive the car and while the friend was driving he rear ended/ hit my car. the juveniles fled the scene of the accident (hit and run).

The registered owner originally said the vehicle had been stolen and later when the driver was caught he changed his story. The insurance company of the registered owner is claiming it has no liability, because the son of the registered owner did not have permission to drive the vehicle. The insurance company of the juvenile who actually hit my car is also claiming no liability.

i have un/under insured coverage so I know I can file against my insurance if i need to.

i contracted with an attorney to settle this case and now the lawyer seems to be moving very slow. i still have property damage that has not been fixed even though i can and do drive this car. i finished treating for my medical injuries late in 2008.

how can I fire my attorney or get them to be more responsive. This case seems like a bread and butter case for the attorney.


Hello Art,

Well, insurance companies and the process is very … very slow. When I was adjusting claims we were instructed to wait and delay. It is a simple tactic to get you to settle for less. Your lawyer is aware of this and is just playing the waiting game. This does not mean that you should not talk to your lawyer often (once every two weeks or so) to see where your case is at.

I only mention this because it is really not up to the lawyer to determine how fast a claim settles. She can settle your case if you want for a minimal amount of money. Waiting is part of the process. If you get another lawyer, it will not change how fast the insurance company will move.

How do you fire your attorney?

Well, you can simply call them, tell them your agreement is over and consult with a new attorney.

However you must look at your fee agreement. You can fire your lawyer, but she will be entitle to put a lien against your settlement for her hourly fee (anywhere between $150 to $250 per hour). It is usually very expensive to do this.

Try talking to your lawyer and see how you both can move the case forward. If you are really facing issues with your lawyer where you have lost complete and absolute trust, then consider a new one. If you are looking for an attorney on your local area, visit:

Good Luck

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