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by Thomas

A few weeks ago while i was at work a airport snowplow was plowing a little to close to the parking lot and all the ice that was underneath the snow was pretty much thrown into our parking lot. There was a total of 8 cars hit with this ice and there was a lot of damage to these vehicles.

That same day I took my vehicle to my local dealer and had a estimate done. The damage amount was around 2500 dollars. The airport authority came out and admitted it was their fault. Well to make a long story short the adjuster came out and looked at my vehicle. Well today he called me back and told me that they will only pay for about 1500 dollars of the 2500 estimate.

I have a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac on a 2 year lease and it is due in March. I have full coverage and 0 deductible on Comprehensive. So my question is do I fight this adjuster on the amount they will give me or do I take it to my insurance company and file again for pretty much the same claim?? Please Help Me??


Hello Thomas

You have two choices here. As you outlined, you can take this to your own insurance company and have them fix the car the correct way. Before you do this however, you want to make sure this accident will in way affect your rates (it was not your fault). You can ask the adjuster, however the best thing to do is to get a quote for rates in your condition now (while the claim is pending), and get one when the claim is settled. If there is a difference on the rates (an increase), rest assure that this accident is being held against you (this can happen even if you do not file against your own insurance company). To get a quote, visit:

After you get a quote, you can either continue dealing with this insurance company or get your involved. If you deal with this insurance company, do know that insurance companies sometimes get the same repair done correctly for less (1k difference is too much of a difference). What you can do is to have your mechanic talk to the adjusters on why the difference. Why are they not allowing the extra 1,000. They must have some reason, other than trying to give you a low amount.

Also note that your insurance company might do the same thing (give you a lower estimate, but when the talk to your mechanic, they will come to an agreement).

Again, you can have your mechanic talk to the insurance after you get a quote. Usually, mechanics and insurance companies do settle for an amount that is amicable to both.

I hope this helps
Good Luck

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