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Soft Tissue Case | Rear Ended | North Carolina

I was rear ended with minimal damages driving a 2004 SUV..ins co only offering me $4,600 of my $12,000 doctor bills...

I am wondering if you know of any court cases for the State of NC, Charlotte where an individual was awarded for damages...if you will, please forward to me the name vs. what so that I may research and read it on my own.


The only one we know is this one:

07-CVS-1106 DATE OF VERDICT/SETTLEMENT: June 25, 2008.

JUDGE: Cressie H. Thigpen, Jr.

Verdict Against Liberty Mutual for $11,000

It was a Soft tissue cervical and lumbar injuries. The Defendant was from Charlotte, but accident occured in Gastonia. Gaston County.

Good Luck

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