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some is using my insurance but just by mouth if asked

by pete pirillo
(avella,pa united states)

i was asked by my brother to co-sign and i said yws well we went to century 3 chverolet and the we in the process of doing a credit check but then over a day they were chancing from him getting the loan to me getting it and me like a fool signed on the top line then i find out that they used mine and my sister in laws credit to get this car im in awe then they asked if i had insurance and then wanted to put it on my insurance they call my agent but she just showed prove i had insurance by faxing my copy on my car well the they said it was on my insurance i cant believe whats goin on i never in 54 years have seen these tacticks.then i come to find the stubs they had on jody was fron the company putting it in her name ,her chasing it and the company mad stubs for her saying she worked there where i have a witness saing she never worked for them and if we got a poly machine she would fess up. anyways my insurance is not on the car and never was i talked to my agent and from what i understand th dealship said they was piutting it on the car so mike could take it home and did im like what,take a car home and the credit papers werent even signed well the next day we went back and thats when i was dupited into signing on the top line and tats where my problems started the car is drivin by an 18yr old and there from what i understand is no insurance on the car atleast not mine

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