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Someone hit my parked car and I don't have insurance on it

My car was parked in front of my house and someone backed out of our next door neighbor’s driveway and said a Pepsi bottle got stuck under his pedal and he slammed into the car causing a lot of damage.

He gave me his insurance information. I told him that I don't have insurance and now he says that we shouldn't claim it because I would get in trouble.

I just had the car towed 2 days prior for my neighbor to fix. I had just renewed my tabs for both my cars that day and because I had a pin number on my registration I didn't need to show my proof of insurance. So the car did have legal plates on it.

I was told that it shouldn't matter if I have insurance on it or not that I could still file a claim with his insurance. The guy is trying to work with me but I don't want to get screwed. There is more damage to the car than the car is worth. Seems like he had to be driving pretty fast in reverse to blow out the window and totally smashed the back of the car.

Can I make a claim with his insurance?

Answer to Someone hit my parked car and I don't have insurance on it:


Of course, you can. There is no difference regarding your car’s insurance coverage OR if it had legal plates, tabs, etc.

If the vehicle was parked legally (as in a proper parking spot), the driver is liable for the damage (100%).

The car may be a total loss. Look at our section about total loss here:

Total loss process.

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