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Son hits father | same insurance

by Kathrin

My parents are in town visiting my family, and my husband hit my fathers vehicle pulling out of the driveway this morning.

We both have USAA, and my father mentioned that USAA wont cover claims by family members. We're both on different policies, and do no live together.

Is he right, or can I make the claim, and have my fathers car repaired as well?


Hello Kathrin,

I am sorry to hear about the mishap. I do believe your father is incorrect.

Your husband is liable to your dad. There is no question about that. The insurance policy must cover liability against anyone one. In this case, your policy would have to cover both, his car and your own car (if you have collision).

Note, some insurance companies actually waive your own deductible because this was a "dual USAA policy" so there might be nothing that anyone has to pay. It depends on what your policy says.

Just to clear any confusion. There are some policies that exclude coverage for family members, however, the definition of a family member is "any one living in the household," you mentioned that they are visiting, so you are not a family member per the definition of the policy.

In addition, some states have deemed this "family exclusion" as against public policy. In the states where husband can sue wife for liability (or any other family member). Depending on your state, this might be the case.

In any event, you are most likely cover on both vehicles.

I hope this helps,

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