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Son injured in auto accident

by Christy

My son was rear-ended at 55 mph. He started having neck and shoulder pain a month after the accident. He has been seeing a chiropractor. Do I need to consult an attorney regarding the bodily injury claim?

He tried to wrestle in his district meet but had to pull out due to his neck/shoulder problem. This kept him from going to state this year. I am concerned that he will not be able to continue his wrestling career.

I am also wondering if I should request an MRI from a MD.


Hi Christy,

Yeah, you should consult with an attorney. First visit is free and you can ask detailed questions about his case.

You can also visit: for more information about what types of claim you can make or should consider when talking about your son's injury.

Insurance companies will argue that if he is a wrestler, then his injury was probably due to that fact and not the car accident. This is of course bogus, but I am just giving you the heads up of what they are going to claim.

You have a difficult claim, your son could potentially have a successful career as a wrestler (if he does not already have one).

The insurance company will probably try to discredit this and argue that he is just a "kid" and no evidence of a "career" exists. You would have to show that he is already successful or that he is very a good at this.

Again, this is very hard because it is aggravating that people that know nothing about him or your family get to argue his success.

Remember, you are not injured unless a doctor says you are. By not going to the doctor or waiting to see if he is ok or not, you will have a harder time showing his injuries.

It is a good practice just to check with an attorney.

Good Luck,

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