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Spots damaging my paint | Coverage?

by Rodney
(Hephzibah, GA. usa)

My job has a smoke stack next to it's parking lot.

Black spots are showing up on my 2007 mustang.

I have tried washing, but the spots remain. I have had my car a little over a year, it was a very clean and shiny car,garage kept.

I take pride in having a nice car, but these spots are ruining my paint. the hood scoop has paint missing because of these spots.

Will my insurance repaint my car?



Hello Rodney,

Well, there is really not enough information here to tell you either way. We have no idea what your policy says so we cannot give you that information.

If you carry comprehensive coverage and you can show that the spots are caused by the parking log smoke, then it’s likely that you have a claim.

If the insurance company determines that this is a covered claim, they will like paint the parts on the car that are damaged and blend to match. It’s very unlikely that they will paint the entire vehicle. They will fight on that.

For more about comprehensive coverage, please see:

Good Luck,

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