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SR22 and no insurance

by Kim

Hello, a friend of mine got pulled over and did not have insurance along with a couple of other tickets. What my question is do you know the average cost in Kansas for an sr22 for no insurance? I know that you can't give me an insurance quote...but we are just wondering what the average cost is. Thanks


Hell Kim, sorry to hear about your friends situations.

Well, what kind of tickets and how bad were they?

SR22 are pricey (as you know). The very best thing is to get your friend to get insurance quotes from several carriers before the ticket goes in the record. Some insurance companies will go with the last quote to get the business and will not double check later on (say weeks later when the ticket will show).

I would get a quote right now from: They will give you all the quotes for Kansas insurance only (they go by Zip Code).

They will be able to give you (or him/her) several quotes from different carrier. Have them on hand later so s/he can call back and ask if they will insure him. Many will.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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