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State farm insurance negotiations

by Christine

My son was involved in an accident caused by the other driver who has state farm.

They have been dragging their feet in settling this claim. 1- is there a time limit for this and 2- what can we do to speed this up?


Hi Christine, I am sorry to hear you are in this situation.

here are my answers:

1. Yes, for you! If you do not settle within the statute of limitations (different in every state), you (or he)will lose all your rights. Basically, the negotiation time frame is against you. All they have to prove is that they are reasonably trying to settle, but could mean that they are waiting to see if your son is getting better or needs more treatment.

2. You can try to pressure or file a lawsuit against the person that hit you. This usually gets them moving. This is a little extreme, but some times it is the only solution.

If you are planning on handling his claim, visit this website for tips on what to do.

Good Luck,

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