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Statute of limitations with no insurance accidents.

(Los Angeles, CA)

My fiance rear ended a car back in 2007, it was just a fender bender and everyone was totally fine at the time. The kicker is that he was driving his dad's car.

While my fiance did not have insurance, his dad did and they assumed that he too, was covered. Now, almost 5 years later, his dad received a supeona in the mail and failed to tell my fiance. This has since resulted in my fiance's license getting suspended.

The judgment is for injuries that the other driver supposedly got during the accident, as well as for the coverage of the car, which we cannot afford. Especially since it has been so long without any word from any insurance company, etc.

I have seen online that the statute of limitations for suing against personal injury is 2 years (we live in California). My question is, what is the statute of limitations for car accidents in general, as well as for an insurance company suing you? What can we do besides pay the judgment?

We agree that someone needs to take responsibility for these problems being caused, but we don't want to pay over $10,000 knowing that the other party is taking advantage.

Thank you for your help! Please let me know any steps we can take.

Answer to Statute of limitations with no insurance accidents:

Hello Jessica,

Gosh, if the statute is passed, then hire a lawyer to set aside the default judgment. Also, if he did not receive the subpoena at his home, then he may have an argument there.

There maybe financial responsibility laws that will require him to fix this issue if he wants his license back.

You really need to an attorney.

Good Luck,
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