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Still investigating..... three months later!

by David Brewer
(Irving, Texas)

My son hit a car during and ice storm on a bridge; as they where pulling over a semi came over the bridge and fishtailed smashing my son's car and totaling it.

It has been since Christmas and all we get from the semi's insurance company is that they are still investigating even though they haved talked to everyone.

Meanwhile my son has no car to get to school or work in. Our insurance has long ago paid for the first car to be fixed. What can we do?


Contact the Texas department of insurance and file a complaint. Note, insurance companies have a duty to investigate claims, they have 30 days to conduct an adequate investigation.

However, most state statues only require the insurance company to explain in writing (if it is over the 30 days) why the claim has not been resolved. They need to give you specifics of what they need.

Really, on this type of claim, if there is a police report, there is enough information to make a decision. You can put pressure that way. You should also contact a Texas lawyer to help you move the process along.

Here is the link to the Texas department of insurance

Good Luck,

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