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Stolen auto history | What to do here?

by John

I just had my car stolen and it has not been recovered yet. The ins co asked me if this is the first time I reported a car stolen.

I told them yes first time, but my wife reminded me that I reported my car stolen 22 years ago.

Do I need to tell my current ins company.


Hello John,

Well, 22 years ago?

You want to call your adjuster and tell them what happened. Tell them you simply did not remember what happened and your wife reminded you. There might not be nothing to do this but you want to be honest and you be the one that clears out the doubt.

Stolen vehicles do raise questions. If the vehicle has not been recovered, the insurance company might be asking why you were not truthful. On the other hand, this might only be a “common” question and there might not be much to it.

Still, you want to correct the record before this becomes a “credibility” issue.

Good Luck,

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