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Stolen Car with no police report

My car was stolen, and we had no clue until the CHP came by at 4:00am in the morning telling us they found a car crashed. When CHP asked, We did not say anything about it, because we had no idea what was happening nor knew what to say.

They were accusing us, but we had proof that we weren't around when it happened. They filed a report, but we are unsure what they filed.

We reported to our insurance as a stolen-totaled loss. But they say they can't process it until we have a police report. The problem is, we never knew it was loss until it was found, so the police was making us do the go-around..

This is Chp case, no this is police case, and car is found, no need for a stolen car report. So currently we do not have a police report, and claim can't go on without one.

She told me that either we have a report and make this a "stolen-totaled loss" or a regular accident claim that will increase our premium... or they might not cover at all! what should I do??? Because Police wont report and insurance wants one!



You should go to the policy station and file a walk in report of what happened. After that, you need a lawyer.

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