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Stolen motorcycle accident

by Matt

My motorcycle was stolen this morning, when I discovered the incident I called my insurance company to put on theft insurance and claim the stolen vehicle.

The claim investigator is telling me that there is not theft insurance on the vehicle now, what will happen and what can I do?
Is there any way I am going to be able to get my money back?


Why there is no insurance? You did not have the coverage? Is it a premium problem?

It sounds like you believe you should have coverage? Why is this? It is possible that the agent misrepresented your coverage. It will depend on what was said when you purchased the policy.

If you have evidence that you were buying a policy with full protection (theft coverage included), then you should be able to collect. If on the other hand you cannot prove this, you might be left paying for you motorcycle. Look at your policy and talk to your agent to see what you can do.

Good Luck,

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