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Stolen truck | sold but paid with counterfiet check!

by Timothy

I sold my truck on 01/17/09 I took a cashiers check from guy on 1/21/09. I got a letter from my bank it was counterfeit I reported it to the police and insurance company the insurance company were on the phone with me talking about how much my settlement would be when they notice the truck had been title in Missouri.

I live in Mississippi over two months have passed they found my truck they put 10,000 miles on it has some damage do I have to take this truck?


Well, if the damages and the miles do not add up to "total loss", then you probably have to take it back. The insurance company must compensate you for the miles put on the car (a damage to you) and/or fix whatever is wrong with the truck.

You can try to not take it back, but without being in a total loss situation, you are in a difficult spot.

You can check with the department of insurance, they can guide you with the process to get the insurance company to move forward.

Good Luck

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