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Stolen truck twice

by Albert

My truck was stolen feb of 2011 from my house, the thieves kept a alarm and set of keys.

I called my insurance to help me rekey it but it was 1400 dollars and denied it. Then my truck got stolen oct 2011 from my house,

I filed a police report and called on star but they couldn't track it they disabled the gps, it's been two months gey paid off my auto loan and I signed the title over.

The police came to my house and said your vehicle was involved in another crime and they think it's some where by the Mexico border. Can they suspect fraud or they would bother paying it off I'm just asking because I read so things on the Internet

Answer to stolen truck twice:

Hello Albert,

You signed over the title? The car is not yours any more. After this happened, your insurance company owns the truck, not you. They have no duty to pay anything else other than the original settlement.

About fraud? Well, it is very uncommon that this happens, so an investigation would not be uncommon.

Good Luck,
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