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Stolen Vehicle | What is Covered?

by Cassandra
(Dallas, Texas)

My automobile was stolen and recovered. There was damage done to the inside of the vehicle, i.e., drink holder, broken glove compartment, leather seat is torn, carpet severely stained. Also the windshield is cracked and the back bumper is dented.

Will the insurance company pay for all damages?

They also took the car across four states. The motor is now ticking and it was apparent that they were using the wrong motor oil in the car. Will the insurance company consider this as damage also?


Hello Cassandra,

I am sorry to hear about this. Well, the insurance company owes for all damages directly related to theft.

The problem here will be "directly". The damages to the interior and the outside should not be much of a problem (as long as you have comprehensive coverage).

The damage to the motor could give you problems. Insurance companies exclude "mechanical breakdown."

How did this occurred? Is there any evidence that your car was in great shape before? Maybe you can show that?

Was this going to happen anyway? This is the type of questions the insurance company will be asking.

Contact an attorney if you are having problems getting the claim covered. Please see:

Good Luck,

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