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Stuck with a car accident | Total loss upside down

by Talycia
(Forth Worth, TX)

I was rear ended and the person told his insurance he was at fault.

They picked up my car for repairs, then later stated the repairs would be more than the worth of the car.

They told me they would give my car 2400 but I owe 6000 are they supposed to make me whole with the car since it was not my fault.


Hello Talycia,

I am sorry to hear this. You are upside down on your loan. Please see, the basic theory is that you must be made whole… and that you only had "a $2,400 vehicle and not a $6,000 one.

The fact that you had a lien holder is independent for the damages caused by the person who hit you. Please see our pages on total loss to see how you could increase your offer.

Also, please see: Total Loss eBook which will give you a good overview of the process.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice

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