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Subrogation letter received in WI

by Jill
(Hartford, WI)

I was in a small accident that the police did not file a report on. I had just bought my car the day before and did not have it insured yet. The other driver's insurance company sent me a letter stating their subrogation claim amount of $3,088.23.

The amount listed was based on an estimate. I received an email today stating the actual repairs were over $4,000 but the insurance company would accept $3,200 and close the case. I would much rather pay the $3,088.23 and not more.

I need to know if an insurance company can change the amount of the subrogation claim or can I just pay the original amount I received in a letter.

Thank you,



Hello Jill,

Well, are you sure you do not have insurance?

If you own other vehicles, that insurance policy might cover this. Also, if you are in a household were a vehicle (other vehicle) is insured, there might be coverage there. Check those policies and contact the insurance company for a coverage investigation. See, How to read an insurance policy.

If there is no insurance - assuming that there is no insurance anywhere else,

You want to have on writing that the payment represents a final settlement. The insurance company must give you a release of any and all claims against you.

You may want to talk to an attorney before you do this.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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