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Teenage driver rear ends truck | Fault?

by Eva
(Goose Creek, SC USA)

My 17 year old was driving in traffic when the truck in front of her slammed on brakes and she reended it.

The front of her car went slightly under the truck and when she backed up the truck's hitch caught the hood of her car and caused quite a bit of damage.

The trucks driver didn't want the cops called, looked over their car, said everything was ok. My daughter gave her name, phone number, and insurance info.

Needless to say two days later truck's driver calls saying truck is shimmying and she wants to get a mechanic to look at it.

No police report was filed, and she gave my daughter the ok to leave saying everything was fine.

Can the truck's driver now file a claim with my daughter's insurance company even though there is no report?


Hello Eva,

Yes. Your daughter was probably following too close and would probably be at least partially at fault, if not 100%. .

The police report is not a requirement or a prerequisite of negligence or fault. The truck driver could file a claim, a lawsuit, or still file a police report.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,

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